Submission Suspension.

Hi.  We are completely overwhelmed with submissions for the horror anthology, for which we are hugely grateful. However, having had over 200, we are going to have to suspend submissions for the time being, just so we can get on top of the ones we already have.

Once we’re through this lot, we’ll reopen submissions, but with regret, any that we receive from this point until reopen, we’re going to have to discard.

On the plus side, we may be able to get the book out quicker . . .



Thanks for all the submissions I’ve received over the last few days. There have been so many, I’m a bit overwhelmed. If I don’t get back to you personally straight away, please don’t feel like I’m not interested or being rude. I’m not going to be reading them for a while yet (I have a couple of other books to get out first!) and with the deadline being in January, there’s still plenty of lead in time.

But don’t stop them coming!  You will all hear from me in due course and I’ll be making final decisions after the deadline.

Thanks for your interest and support!   Massively appreciated!


Call For Submissions: Horror Anthology

Dense Weed Publications is putting together an anthology of horror shorts and looking for submissions.

The stories can be any length up to ten thousand words. That doesn’t mean you have to aim for that figure. If you can tell a good horror story in one hundred words, that is equally acceptable.

The story can be about anything and take place in any setting, as long as it contains a strong element of horror; be it psychological, body, gore or monster based. We’re aiming for a broad range.

The only absolute no-no is zombies unless it’s a pre-Romero Haitian/voodoo style zombie story. Post-Romero, Walking Dead type zombie stories will just be binned. Really. Don’t bother. We are completely zombied out and frankly, you can do better than that!

Pitch stories using contact form or send completed stories to

Deadline: January 30th, 2017, for publication late Spring 2017. To be sold via Amazon, Smashwords and as a limited run of paperbacks. Terms of submission is “About” section.

Going Home: About the Author

Will Vigar has worked within the creative industries for several decades in a variety of guises and under more pseudonyms than he can remember.

He has worked in the music industry as musician, manager, record sleeve designer, song doctor, tour manager and reviewer in a number of national music magazines.

He worked for BBC Local Radio for ten years. At first he contributed sketches, articles and interviews to a number of magazine programmes based around the arts before co-presenting a programme also highlighting and promoting local artists and musicians.

He has worked at a number of theatres and written for independent and street theatres.

In the early 2000’s he wrote a small press/indie comic called “Miserable” that received good reviews, TV support and three printings. “Dead Miserable” followed and sold even more. He wrote a third, but took a degree in Fine Art instead of publishing that one. At University, he specialised in Sonic Installation, Text Art and Environmental Micro-interventions and still doesn’t know how he got away with it.

After University, he took up painting which came as a surprise as he’d never shown any interest before or during University. From there, he moved on to producing a short lived ‘daily’ cartoon “The Slightly Of Adventures of Alberto and Jeff.”

Books (as Editor)

Absent Ginsberg: An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry” from “A Swift Exit” due for release in July 2016 to which he also contributed

Zombre” to which he also contributed;

Beasts” to which he also contributed,

Spoko” which he co-edited

and the award-winning “Hunger House” which he also script polished.

His art books include:


“Do You Dream In Colour”

“198 Crap Portraits”

He also had two volumes of poetry published in the mid-1980’s but he’d rather not talk about those.

Going Home is his first novel. He finds this hilarious as he had only planned it to be a short story of 2-3000 words. It kind of got away from him.

Future projects include finishing books two and three of Going Home and writing a very different kind of Crime novel, provisionally entitled “52” and a Lovecraft pastiche provisionally entitled “Ducarry’s Folly“.

Going Home Information


Part One

Sam: When a mysterious statue appears near Uluru, Sam Bolton must uncover it’s origins. In order to find out what is happening to his friend, who is slowly transforming into something other, Sam must ally himself with ex-military, cultists and a child refugee, all of whom have been touched by the enigmatic Anomaly.

Keats: Finding himself in a post-apocalyptic world, Keats finds peace in solitude, despite the savage, unseen creatures that plague him at night. When two people unexpectedly arrive at his sanctuary, it raises questions about exactly where they are and how Keats has managed to survive on his own for so long.


Part Two

Kit: An unexpected trip to Norway finds former child genius, Katherine Cooper at the centre of an impossible event. Why has she been head hunted by a group of people who claim special knowledge of The Anomaly? And why is her dysfunctional family’s history of key importance.

Sam II: A former priest offers insight into the whereabouts of Sam’s missing friends. Who is working against Sam and his team and to what end? Will they ever discover what The Anomaly is for? And who is leaving flowers?

Going Home is a story told in first person from three perspectives, each offering insights and clues into the nature of an alien artifact.

Due for eBook release in two parts. Part One at the beginning of August and in paperback by the end of October. Part Two arriving early next year.

A tangential sequel – GOING HOME: SOMEWHERE INBETWEEN – planned for summer 2017.

Full details as they are finalised.